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Protect Your Dream Machine with Exotic, Custom-Built, and Antique Car Insurance in Medicine Hat and Calgary

When you have an exotic, antique, or custom-built car, you want to protect it a little more than an ordinary car. You worked hard to get that machine, and you want it to preserve its legendary looks and status for many years to come. However, regular car insurance might not give your car the special protection it requires - you need specific and personalized car insurance that caters to life in Calgary and Medicine Hat.

At Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance, we understand how much your exotic car matters to you. It represents a significant investment of time, money, and consideration, so you need a little extra protection. We'll make sure your mechanical treasure gets the coverage it needs.

Services & Benefits

Our technicians and enthusiasts also love collecting cars, so we know how to properly and appropriately handle claims for your unique ride. All Alberta residents can benefit from our services:

  • Excellent rates and understanding customer services
  • Brokers who personally understand your needs Focused insurance to meet your car's exact requirements
  • Product innovation

Don't rely on regular car insurance if you have an unusual vehicle - your car might not fit the parameters outlined in normal insurance agreements. You'll need more specific insurance to protect exotic, antique, or custom-built vehicles.

Contact Us

If you need exotic, custom built or antique car insurance in Calgary or Medicine Hat, give us a call at 1-800-830-9423 for a quote. Our technicians are ready and willing to work with you. We'll help you protect your mechanical treasures to ensure your legend lives on.

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