The Coolest Motorcycle Road Trips Around the World

motorcycle insurance albertaYou may have given some thought to hopping on that classic bike you bought at a motorcycle show, so you can ride as far as the road will take you. At Legends Insurance, we applaud the sense of freedom that such a journey can impart.

We also recommend a little planning before you head out on your next motorcycle road trip. You will find a broad assortment of websites designed to help you map out your adventures by motorbike.  

Where to Go: Tips from Your Calgary Insurance Brokers

You might travel to many spectacular places on your classic motorbike. The world is full of fascinating destinations, with many amazing roads that lead to them.

These are 4 of our top picks for routes you might travel along on your motorcycle:

  1. Transalpine: Have you ever dreamed about seeing the Alps? Then, the Transalpine Route could be perfect for you. This highly-visited road is popular for good reason. The scenery is stunning, and some of the heights are so dramatic, you may feel as though you are heading up into the clouds. If you make Grenoble, France, your starting point and Venice, Italy, your stopping place, you can delight in an expanse of road that stretches out over 2,400km.
  2. Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop: If the thought of ancient sites and desert culture sparks your imagination, consider the route from Ceuta, a Spanish city on the northern coast of Africa, to the Marrakesh Loop, Morocco. You will have plenty of opportunity to view exotic sights along this route. You may revel in the beautiful desert landscapes, as well as the souks (marketplaces) and ancient kasbahs (fortresses).
  3. Serra Do Rio Do Rastro: This Brazilian road serves as an outstanding motorcycle run. The sinuous stretch in the mountains features more than 250 curves. Along the way, you will ride past many steep inclines, so do not attempt this journey if the sight of dazzling drops leaves you feeling queasy. If such views invigorate you instead, this could be the road trip of a lifetime.
  4. Ho Chi Minh Trail: This Vietnamese trail is so popular among motorcyclists that you can even take organized tours by motorbike. The rice fields, mud, and rivers provide both a scenic backdrop and some delightfully challenging riding conditions. Bring your sense of adventure with you because you will need it to navigate this trail. You should also wear adequate protective gear to counteract any spills, dirt and debris you might encounter.

Get Motorcycle Insurance at Legends Insurance in Alberta

No matter where you choose to go in the world, be sure that your motorcycle is properly covered first. Legends is a premier motorcycle and auto insurance brokerage servicing the residents of Alberta. Our brokers will help you find the coverage you need at competitive rates. Once you have this important detail handled, you can embrace the freedom of the open road.

Request a quote today for motorcycle, auto, or classic car insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks. Give us a call at 1-800-830-9423.

*Please note that the Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance policy is only available in Canada and the United States.

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