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Buying Parts for a Classic Car in Alberta

Classic car insurance in AlbertaAt Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance, we understand how much your exotic car matters to you. Our technicians and enthusiasts also love collecting cars, so we know how to properly and appropriately handle claims for your unique ride. We also know that increasingly, Albertans are looking for – wading through auction listings and/or classifieds – and finding used parts online for those exotic, antique, and custom-built cars so we’ve pulled together a few tips for buying vintage car parts online.

The first thing is always research, if you need a part, become the expert to ensure that the part being offered is the correct one for your project and then ask the seller a lot of questions. Ask for any casting or part numbers or other identifiers that appear on the item, so that you can research it yourself. If you already have the part and you simply want to replace it, study it for a number or other identifying marks and then make sure the one you want to buy has the same ones. Date codes will determine when the part was made and become more important when doing a concours restoration. Continue reading

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Edmonton Spring Festivals

edmonton car insuranceIf you’re anything like the professionals at Legends Insurance in Edmonton, then you like to enjoy the many events and festivals that grace our city. While spring has melted away winters Ice Castles, and the Snow Sculptures Garden at the Silver Skate Festival, the spring season also has a variety of offerings to suite every taste and age group.

For the young and young at heart amongst us, TELUS World of Science presents the Angry Birds Universe until April 17, 2017. Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., in partnership with Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Jack Rouse Associates (JRA), developed this unique exhibition to present an educational and highly interactive attraction unlike any other – experience Angry Birds in real life and embark on a wild adventure where science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics are taught in an immersive, engaging environment.

Also at the TELUS World of Science until March 31, 2017 is the Mysteries of China in IMAX 3D. Discover the Terracotta Warriors and the First Emperor’s Tomb as one of the great archaeological events of the modern age. Starting with modern China and springing back as we seek the birth of this mighty nation, we talk of an ancient time when a fierce warrior brought together a warring nation, and how an accidental discovery changed everything we know about China’s past.

If live performances are your thing, or if not these might be the opportunity to change your mind, beginning with the Gershwin musical Crazy for You at the Citadel Theatre with favorites numbers like I Got Rhythm, Embraceable You, and Someone to Watch Over Me from March 4 to 26, 2017. Over at The Winspear Centre the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) presents A Tribute to the Music of Prince, with guest conductor Raymond Baril and a full rock band playing all the hits from Purple Rain to Little Red Corvette to 1999. Tickets from $39, plus applicable service charges.

For those looking to mesh their cultural and home experiences, the Edmonton EXPO Centre presents the Edmonton Home and Garden Show from March 23 – 26, 2017 with over 600 exhibitors ready to give expert advice and inspiration for any and every project imaginable. Tickets are free for children under 12, with adults (13+) $13, and seniors (60+) $10 in advance or adults (13+) $16, and seniors (60+) $13 at the door.

And remember, when you need classic car insurance in Alberta, Legends Insurance is the only company that truly understands the needs of antique car owners, so contact us today at 780-464-0872 today to request a free quote on classic car insurance. Legends Insurance service locations include Edmonton, Bassano, Brooks, Calgary, and Medicine Hat.

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Applying for Car Insurance in Alberta

Applying for auto or claClassic Car Insurance Albertassic car insurance has never been easier in Alberta with Legends Insurance’s CSIO Alberta Application for Automobile Insurance – 0306E in a downloadable pdf format. In one simple application you can download parts 1 and 2 of the application as well as the CISO – National – Payment Authorization Form – 0805E.

At Legends Insurance, we understand that your time, like your car, is valuable. It’s the reason why we’ve created this single download pdf file – simply print and complete the form at your own leisure, then return it by mail, fax, scanned as an e-mail, or you can even drop them off in person at any of our locations in in Bassano, Brooks, Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Edmonton/Sherwood Park. Continue reading

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Myths about Alberta Car Insurance

classic car insuranceA myth is defined as any traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a cultural practice or natural phenomenon. They form the unusual, unique, and uncommon facts about a diversity of subjects and are also referred to as superstitions, old wives tales, folklore, bizarre beliefs, taboos, omens, and lucky and unlucky things. When it comes to car insurance, there are plenty of myths, superstitions and misconceptions about how it works that can often end up costing you money, or influencing decisions that you make.

When you have an exotic, antique, or custom-built car, you want to protect it a little more than an ordinary car – and your car might not fit the parameters outlined in normal insurance agreements. However, that doesn’t mean that car enthusiast don’t fall victim to their own misconceptions about car insurance. To help you make the right car insurance choice in Alberta, here’s a few of the top myths to avoid: Continue reading

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Car Buying Tips

Buying a car is a big dcar buying tipsecision, and with more cars on the road than ever before, there are also more cars dealers and cars than ever before. At Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance, we understand how much your car matters to you – it represents a significant investment of time, money, and consideration. To help you make the right choice of vehicle for all your needs in Alberta, here’s a few items to consider.

The average person will buy 10 to 12 cars in their lifetime so you need to know how to recognize a good deal when you see one – and that doesn’t mean because the colour is right. Continue reading

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