Keeping Your Classic Car Looking Good

classic car insuranceAt Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance, we understand how much your exotic, antique, or custom-built car matters to you, and that you want to protect it a little more than an ordinary car – including keeping it looking in top condition. Our technicians and enthusiasts also love collecting cars, so we know how to properly and appropriately handle claims for your unique ride, as well as how to properly keep it looking good. Here’s a few tips on keeping your ride the eye catcher you know it is.

Start with prevention, purchase a car cover that is specifically made for your classic car. Storing your car in a garage offers protection from the elements and from thieves, and in a damp climate, a dehumidifier will prevent excess moisture from causing your car to rust while it’s garaged.

There ae also several precautions to washing classic cars built prior to the early 1990’s, most have what is called “single-stage paint,” a type of paint job that does not include clear coat over the car’s paint color. Knowing what type of paint and finish your classic has will prevent you from going too far into the paint when polishing.

Washing your car removes surface grime, bugs, dust or even chemicals from the roads that can deposit on the paint and ruin its lustrous shine. If you take your classic car to several car shows or events, locally or across the country, it will need to be washed whether you drive it or have it shipped on a professional auto carrier. The steps to a good classic carwash are:

  • Start at the top – it prevents grime from falling onto a section of the car that is already clean and re-contaminating it;
  • Use the right soap – i.e. not dish soap, professional carwash soap are thick and foamy and will leave the classic car body looking fabulous;
  • Get the wheels last – as they are the grimiest areas of the car and tend to have plenty of buildup on them that includes thick grease, brake shavings, and thick mud or soil from roadways;
  • Finish it up – use a steady stream of free-flowing water to make sure all areas are thoroughly rinsed and soap free; and,
  • Drying – again start at the top using a soft leather chamois or a soft microfiber towel and move your way slowly to the bottom of the car. Changing towels often when drying a car is going to be imperative when it comes to having a shiny and clean car when you are finished.

Classic Car Insurance

Keeping up your car’s paint with regular cleaning and waxing will help you maintain that show-car shine. If you have questions about custom exotic, antique, or custom-built car insurance, contact Legends Insurance in Bassano, Brooks, Calgary, Edmonton, and Medicine Hat – or anywhere in Alberta – at 1-800-830-9423 for a quote. Our technicians are ready and willing to work with you to protect your mechanical treasures and ensure your legend lives on.

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