Is Motorcycle Insurance Different from Car Insurance?

Insurance is just insurance, right?

If that is the mindset you have when you go to purchase motorcycle insurance, then you might be surprised. Automobile insurance and motorcycle insurance are two different beasts entirely.

Therefore, if you need motorcycle insurance, you may need to familiarize yourself with what makes it different and understand what you are purchasing.

Things to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

You are ready to embrace that easy rider lifestyle, and hit the open road on a bike. However, the first thing you need is the appropriate insurance. Motorcycle insurance rates vary from car insurance rates, sometimes at a fairly significant rate. Therefore, it is always best to consult with an insurance professional to see where you can save.

When you are shopping for motorcycle insurance in the Calgary area, you might notice that these factors play a role in premium prices:

•    Type and Cost of the Bike: The type of bike and cost of the bike at purchase will influence the rates; because, the more expensive the bike, the higher your insurance coverage must be.
•    Location: Where you live also influences motorcycle rates, especially if you live in a high accident-prone region or where motorcycles are frequently stolen.
•    Riders: Will you be the only person riding the motorcycle? If you have the right training and licenses, then your rates will not be as high; depending on your age. of course.
•    Insurance Amount: The more insurance you buy for your motorcycle, the more expensive it will be. Naturally, you want more coverage than the minimums, otherwise, you may not have enough coverage for your losses.
•    Driving Record on a Bike: Your history on a motorcycle will also affect premiums. If you have had citations or accidents while riding a motorcycle, you may find that your premiums are higher.

Meet with a Team that Understands Motorcycle Insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Brooks Areas

When you need motorcycle insurance, turn to the knowledgeable team of insurance professionals who understand the industry. At Legends Insurance, our team specializes in classic car and motorcycle coverage; therefore, we know the unique factors that increase or decrease premiums.

More so, we know the type of coverage you need based on what you ride and how you ride. Let us find the right policy for you that gives you the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

When you meet with Legends Insurance for auto, motorcycle or classic car insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, Brooks and surrounding cities, we do an in-person insurance analysis and offer one-stop coverage. We can help you combine all policies for more savings and better protection.

Get a quote today for your motorcycle, auto, or classic car insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks from Legends Insurance. Give us a call today at 1-800-830-9423.

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