How to Purchase Insurance for a Sports Motorcycle

Motorcycle insuranceSports motorcycles come with a much higher price tag for insurance, and there is a good reason behind that price hike. A sports bike is faster and at higher risk for an accident. Even the safest motorcycle rider cannot predict how other motorists are on the road; therefore, insurance companies like to protect themselves with higher insurance rates.

If you need motorcycle insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, Brooks or surrounding areas, you need to know the insider tips for lowering your premiums.

Quick Tips When Shopping for Sports Bike Motorcycle Insurance

You could ride motorcycles for 20 years, but you will still notice higher rates for your sports bike compared to your vehicle. To lower the cost of your premium, here are a few insider tips:

•    Shop Around: No two policies are created the same. You must compare different providers, their monthly premiums, and what you get for those premiums.
•    Safety Features: Consider the safety features of your current bike. The safer the sports motorcycle is, the cheaper the insurance will be. Also, add anti-theft devices to your bike. Since bikes are more likely to be stolen than a car, the more anti-theft devices you have, the cheaper your premium might be.
•    Consider Your Driving Record: Do you have tickets and prior accidents on your motorcycle? If so, you should work to clean up your driving record. A poor history will automatically increase your premiums.
•    Consider a Cheaper Bike: The more expensive the bike, the more it would cost insurance to replace or repair that bike. Therefore, if you are not a daily rider, go with a cheaper sports bike. It will cost less than if you purchase a higher CC engine rating.
•    Take Courses: Inquire about the safe rider and defensive rider courses and how they might lower your premium. Your insurance broker may be able to recommend qualifying courses in the area that you can take before signing up for a new policy.
•    Consider Passengers: If you know that you will never have a passenger on your bike, you may be able to skip the liability coverage. This will lower your annual premiums too but is a risky choice if you do intend to have passengers on the bike with you.

Want Cheaper Premiums? Opt for Customized Motorcycle Insurance

Sometimes, to save money, you need to seek out customized motorcycle insurance. Custom policies are designed around your needs, how you ride your bike, and special considerations. These are not cookie-cutter policies.

The team at Legends Insurance offers custom coverage for motorcycle riders. We communicate with our clients, learn their insurance needs, then find a policy that matches the level of coverage they need without breaking the bank.

If you need motorcycle insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, or Brooks, Legends Insurance can help. To get a quote for your insurance policy, call us at 1-800-830-9423.

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