Are You Ready for RACQ MotorFest 2017?

What to Expect from the Pros in Classic Car Insurance in Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Brooks

Each year, the MotorFest show debuts over 400 prestigious, collector antique vehicles, entertainment, fresh farm produce, crafts, and activities for families to enjoy.

This year, it was bigger and better, and the funds still go to help RACQ LifeFlight Rescue, RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue, Heart of Australia, and RACQ CQ Rescue.
RACQ does not just focus on cars. In fact, you see an array of vintage motorcycles, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, and vintage cars together. Judges have categories and choose the finest looking vehicles in each category, while visitors get to explore cars and motorcycles that they never knew existed.

What Happened at RACQ MotorFest 2017?

The winners of this year’s event went all out restoring these vintage motorcycles and cars with precision work. Some of the winners for this year’s event included:

•    1906 Buick Model J: The Buick Model J restored by Chris Sorenson won Best Veteran (before January 1919). The model J was a touring vehicle that looks almost like a wagon.
•    1928 Chevrolet AB Tourer: The winner of the Best Vintage (1919 – 1930) was Robert and Sunita Wode’s AB Tourer. The AB Tourer was designed to replace the 1927 Series AA Capitol from Chevrolet, and was considered a “bigger” model.
•    1954 MG TF: The winner of the Best Classic for 1940 – 1959 was the 1954 MG TF, which is by far one of the most iconic vehicles you think of when you hear “vintage.” Its sleek styling was revolutionary for its time, and the vehicle was only produced for two years.
•    1953 Daimler Ferret: The Ferret armoured car operated as a scout vehicle for the British and it was designed for reconnaissance only. This year, the winner of the Best Military vehicle was Craig Morgan with his Daimler Ferret.
•    1937 Packard Convertible Coupe: The winner of the Judges’ Choice went to Bill and Sue Beverly for their Packard Convertible Coupe, which is a six-seater coupe and the first six-cylinder car since 1927.
•    1973 Triumph Bonneville: This year, the 1973 Triumph Bonneville from Paul Baltzer won Best Motorcycle (post-1965). The Bonneville was a standard motorcycle of its time featuring a 750-cc engine, front disc brakes, and a 5-speed engine.
•    1971 Holden HQ Manaro: The winner of the Best Modified Vehicle went to John Whitbourne for his HQ Manaro. The Manaro was a rear-wheel-drive coupe that introduced a new body design and was produced by Holden in Australia from 1971 to 1974.

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