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The blogs you’ll find on this page are designed to provide you with information on protecting your unique set of wheels, as well as some advice on how to be as detail-oriented in your vehicle’s upkeep and well-being as we are.

Your ride rewards you on a daily basis…return the favour. Read our blogs and remember you have invested a lot in your dream. Proper Insurance protection will insure your legend lives on.

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Enjoy the Open Road on a Safer Motorcycle

motorcycle insurance albertaYou could have more than 40 years of experience on a bike or only four months, but motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone. Therefore, to keep yourself safe, you need to focus on safety. Safety involves more than just wearing a motorcycle helmet. You also need motorcycle insurance, riding attire, and the right set of tools so that your motorcycle ride is as safe as possible.

At Legends Insurance, our team wants you to be safe on the roads at all times. That is why we offer a variety of motorcycle insurance products tailored to our customers. If an accident does occur, we want you and your loved ones to feel confident you have the coverage you need. Continue reading

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What is a Gap in Insurance?

alberta insurance coverageA gap or lapse of auto insurance coverage is something that no one can afford. If you have experienced a gap or you are considering skipping payments to save money and risking a gap, you need to be aware of how an insurance gap affects you.

The team at Legends Insurance can help you with your insurance issues, including finding a more affordable plan that enables you to avoid these costly gaps in coverage. In the insurance world, there are two types of deficiencies: a period without coverage or inadequate coverage. Both are equally detrimental to your financial well-being. Continue reading

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The Coolest Motorcycle Road Trips Around the World

motorcycle insurance albertaYou may have given some thought to hopping on that classic bike you bought at a motorcycle show, so you can ride as far as the road will take you. At Legends Insurance, we applaud the sense of freedom that such a journey can impart.

We also recommend a little planning before you head out on your next motorcycle road trip. You will find a broad assortment of websites designed to help you map out your adventures by motorbike.   Continue reading

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How to Balance Car Insurance Coverage with Good Value

save money on car insuranceGetting sufficient car insurance for your classic car, while still managing to get the best value for your money, can be a bit of a balancing act. When you have a solid broker behind you, this task will be made much easier. The Legends Insurance team always strives to help you find excellent auto coverage that is also relatively affordable. Continue reading

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How Seniors Benefit When it Comes to Auto Insurance

Advice from Your Auto Insurance Team in Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Brooks

There are several benefits of ageing. One of the best advantages of becoming a senior citizen, is all the discounts you qualify for, including those that apply to your home and auto insurance. Depending on your insurance provider, as a senior, you may look forward to reduced rates based on certain criteria, such as reaching a certain age, having low-mileage, participating in defensive driving courses, driving a low-risk vehicle, and more.

Regardless of your age or what type of vehicle you drive, it is important to have insurance. Work with our brokers for exceptional customer service and policies to match your unique auto insurance needs. Continue reading

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